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1: Nothing Lasts Forever – Roderick Thorp: the second novel to feature Joe Leland. As the cover indicates, it was the basis for the movie DIE HARD.

2: %8 Minutes – Walter Wager: the basis for for DIE HARD 2.

3: The Weight of Worlds – Greg Cox: a novel set in the original series five year mission.

4: The Other Pilot(review copy) – Ed Baldwin: a fake four star General is involved in a plane crash. Corruption and fraud is disrupting things internally and it’s up to Capt. Boyd Chailland to stop the other pilot before a new Civil War beaks out.

5: MacCallister: The Eagles Legacy: Dry Gulch Ambush – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: latest in this new series.

6: The Marshal – Frank Gruber: another western by one of my favorites.

and the ebook:

7: Black Forest(review copy) – David Thayer: set in 1964, P.I. Arthur Murray(yes, he gets kidded about that name) finds him caught up in a conspiracy that stretches back to his days in WWII and shortly thereafter. And may involve his father.