Basic RGB.I. Arthur Murray(yes, he gets grief for that name) gets a call from his father, Edgar, needing help. They’d not been close for years. since 1951 when Murray had returned from Europe where he’d spent some years hunting down Nazis with OSS. It’s 1964 and his old man had retired from his construction business of the fifties and bought a garage.

Murray arrives and knows immediately that his father is being evasive. A car had come in and examination of the trunk shows blood and brain matter. A body had been there and his old man seems to be covering for someone.

He has a thousand and cash and needs it delivered. Arthur had been demanded to deliver the envelope. His father promises to explain all later. The man who receives the money is his father’s old business partner, Calvin Foyles. No explanations and a woman with him is dumped out of the car, left for Murray to deal with.

The plot of this well constructed thriller evolves quickly from this point.

Murray’s WWII and post war activities rear up when his old boss makes he scene with threats of his own. We have crooked cops, Nazi scientists, a client whose motives seem odd(he lies early to Murray), Murray’s secretary, married to an abusive cop, disappears. Our hero gets set up and shot at more than once.

Author David Thayer keeps the action moving, the plot flowing from one twist to another. Thayer is new to me, but I’m sure that won’t last.

Recommended highly. Can be found HERE.