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Look You on Beauty and Death


1: Dead Lions(review copy) – Mick Herron: crime novel sent by the good folks at Soho Crime.

2: Rocket Man(Review Copy) – William Hazelgrove: the author sent me this one. Check out this lovely trailer.

3: The Detective – Roderick Thorp: the first novel featuring Joe Leland. Frank Sinatra played him in the movie.

4: The Shores of Space – Richard Matheson: a collection of short stories by the master.

5: Charlie Chan Returns – Dennis Lynds: a novel based on a script never produced. Bantam numbered it four in the uniform series it was publishing the Earl Derr Biggers books.

and the ebooks:

6: Earth Below, Sky Above – John Scalzi: the final chapter in the new Old Man’s War book due for publication in the next couple of weeks. There will be a couple of other pieces included, one previously published. Both will also be available in uniform ebook covers.

7: Dreams – David Gerrold: a limited edition of some of David’s Facebook postings, 20,000 words, that may become available on all ebook markets if there’s sufficient interest.

8: Gabriel’s Redemption – Steve Umstead: book one of the Evan Gabriel trilogy.

These next three I picked up because the author’s son is bad condition from an accident. The first was free, but I bought two and three.

9: Ravenspell: Of Mice & Magic – David Farland

10: Ravenspell: The Wizard of Ooze – David Farland

11: Ravenspell: Freaky Fly Day – David Farland

12: Look You on Beauty and Death – James Reasoner & Livia J. Washburn: an heroic fantasy action story that appeared in a collection edited by Margaret Weis.