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Granny 2 Frogs testerPipe smoking, headbanging Granny Smith is a kindred spirit to this reader. While she has a few years on me, I too still love all things metal and, while I don’t smoke, i once had a brief relationship with a pipe for a time. The old girl has a cat named Lemmy(mine was named Puss Cooper) and doesn’t dress like a person of her years. Same here.

The murder victim is a member of Granny’s protest group demonstrating against a developer’s intent to wipe out a small pond that is the spawning ground for a rare species of frog on the endangered list.

In her look into the murder, she found the body naturally, Granny discovers ties to most members, the developer as well, a number of motives among them all, and continues to plow along amid threats from the police to stop. What self-respecting amateur detective could do less?

Writer Gary Dobbs has created a modern day cozy series that can stand alongside some of those series by British Isles authors that I devoured in my early years. He has a great mystery here and brings that style of cozy forward into the twenty-first century, touching on modern subjects that would have been tolerated back then, Hell, not even thought of back then.

Most excellent and can be had HERE.