16403338THE OTHER PILOT is a tense, well plotted thriller about an Air Force pilot, Captain Boyd Chailland, on a crash investigation that killed a general. He learns that the general was a fake and had been since 1975 as he rose through the ranks.

The investigation leads to corruption, fraud, and treason at the highest levels of the American government. The title character is a mysterious man leaking all these secrets for his own reasons and the exciting finale, illustrated on the cover, has a two WWII planes, a Mustang and a Messerschmidt, in a dog fight over Dallas with Air Force One the prize they are fighting over.

Author Ed Baldwin knows his stuff, having served thirty-eight years in the Air Force with aircrew duty in every sort of plane over every continent but Antarctica, retiring in 2009 as an Air Force Flight Surgeon.

I really like his style of writing. He kept me turning the pages until the end, accelerating all the way.

Highly recommended and available HERE. Ed Baldwin’s website is HERE.