When I found out there was such a novel, I had to find it. I’m a member of the Beatles generation, just hitting puberty at the same time they hit America.4-19-2013 9;20;46 PM

The movie A HARD DAY’S NIGHT would seem an unlikely candidate for novelization. Most of the movie involved them playing music or being chased by hordes of teenage girls(boy did I want to be a Beatle back then). There wasn’t much of a plot to hang a novel on, but author John Burke managed a reasonable effort here, concentrating on Paul’s grandfather more so than the movie seemed to(it’s been a number of years since I saw the movie so I may be wrong). He’s something of a curmudgeon, a bit of a conman, certainly a rogue.

There’s also a reference to Raymond Chandler in one bit of dialogue. That may have been there though. At that point in my young life, fourteen, I’d never even heard of Chandler. let alone read any of his work.

The book will probably not be enjoyed by anyone out of my generation(these young kids think of them as old fogies), but I enjoyed this trip back to my much younger days.

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