The Red Menace was born in the Communist scare of the forties/fifties. But Patrick ‘Podge’ Becket fought real Communists as a in disguise spy aided by his friend Dr, Thaddeus Wright who was a genius at inventing just the right tool. He also developed a formula that increased Becket’s abilities and was frustrated that it only worked on Becket. Throughout the fifties and into the sixties, The Red Menace fought the good fight.

Then things quieted down and The Red Menace retired.


In the world of 1972, Patrick “Podge” Becket had gotten rich in the burgeoning world of computers and his Becket Security, providing security for the movers and shakers in the world, as long as they weren’t enemies of America. But back in the fifties, he’d been The Red Menace.

Who was the Red Menace? That question was on the lips of every Communist leader the world over. He was the man who stopped every little effort at world domination.

But things change and he’d disappeared.

Now a ghost from the past emerges in Cuba and his old organization calls him out of retirement. Twelve years older and a lot smarter, his loyalty is still there. A Russian presence so close to America is intolerable.

Along with his partner, Dr. Thaddeus Wainright, Becket re-assumes his identity and sets out to find out what’s going on.

We don’t know a lot about either man at this point, but hints are dropped throughout that neither is an ordinary agent/spy. One assumes that more will be along as the series continues.

The author Jim Mullaney wrote or co-wrote(with Warren Murphy) most of the better novels in the last ten years or so of THE DESTROYER’s publication. This series has that same style and panache.


No one had ever heard of The People’s Brigade before they managed to get into Mt. Rushmore and bring down Thomas Jefferson in a pile of rubble. They began to make their presence51tpMXlqUML known with more acts of terrorism around the country.

Patrick “Podge” Beckett, the recently out of retirement Red Menace, is looking into it. It doesn’t take long for clues to emerge that points him in a likely direction, as in fingerprints from one of the brigade killed in the Mt. Rushmore incident.

He finds they’re planning something big. The trick is finding out what.

At the same time, Beckett’s being called in by the I.R.S. for back taxes, interest, and penalties to the tune of eighteen million dollars. Beckett and his accountant know there’s nothing right about this, but it’s a bad time to be dealing with them.

Another fine novel in this promising series.

51vYLY4sVILThe Red Menace has to deal with a religious cult, Realtopia(a thinly, very thinly disguised Scientology), created by a writer in the fifties. They’ve managed to get their hands on a substance that causes madness, people under the influence ripping each other apart.

They want all of southern California and over through Arizona for their own country. The threat is real and Podge Becket and his mentor, Dr. Thaddeus Wainright are charged by their boss to find and settle it before the horror can be unleashed on the entire country.


The next novel has just come out. This series and other of his works can be seen HERE.