4-19-2013 9;20;46 PM

1: The Broken Places(ARC) – Ace Atkins: the third Quinn Coulson novel. I like this series so far.

2: Slingshot(ARC) – Matthew Dunn: third in this spy series. Same reaction as above.

3: Raylan – Elmore Leonard: a novel based on the continuity of the FX series Justified.

4: Fire In The Hole and Other Stories – Elmore Leonard: a collection of crime tales. The title story was the basis for Justified.

5: The Mullah’s Storm – Thomas W. Young: a thriller, first novel. that looked good and was cheap.

6: A Hard Day’s Night – John Burke: a novel based on the Beatles first movie.

and the ebooks:

7: The Wizard of Oz series illustrated(review copy): L. Frank Baum: a venture from a new ebook company with the original illustrations. It has Baum’s fourteen Oz novels and a bonus novel by Baum.

8: Crescendo(review copy) – Deborah J. Ledford. crime novel.

9: The Red Menace: A Red Letter Day – James Mullaney: the fourth novel in this series of a spy/superhero from the fifties coming out of retirement in the early seventies.

10: Broken Shield – J.D. Rhoades: the sequel to J.D.’s novel BREAKING COVER. Just out.