Jeffrey Small’s novel is the type of thriller that has a terrific premise and keeps me turning the pages until the end.16115719

What if there is a machine that can make one see visions of God. Whatever God the person subscribes to.

Dr. Ethan Lightman is on the verge of his biggest discovery, one that has haunted him since an epileptic event in childhood. His life work, the Logos machine, should be able to produce a religious ecstasy.

Then his mentor is murdered, his work perverted, and Ethan finds himself with his beautiful research assistant, Rachel Riley, in the middle East caught in a conspiracy that could engulf the region in a Holy War even worse than already happening.

He races to unlock the secret plaguing his machine, not to help those illegally trying to use it, but to stop their insane plans.

I wasn’t familiar with Jeffrey Small’s writing before this one, but was quite impressed. He knows how to plot a tale to keep me interested in what’s going on. I definitely want to read more.

The release date for this excellent thriller is today, April 30th.