15823478Reading DEAD LIONS sent me back to my early years. Though a big fan of the Bond novels, I also loved John Le Carre’s work and this book puts me in mind of some of those classics. The spies here are not pretty boys/girls that have members of the opposite sex falling all over them. Mind you, they get their share though. Just hard working folks who do what’s necessary to keep their country safe.

Slough House was where disgraced MI5 agents, whether by screw-ups, ineptitude, or just in someone’s way got shuffled off to finish their careers. Or quit for something in the private sector, the preferred move.

Dickie Bow wasn’t one of the upper level even back in his day. Now long retired, when he’s found dead on a bus, ruled a heart attack, Slough House’s leader, Jackson Lamb, is suspicious. Even more so when he finds Dickie’s mobile phone stuffed into the cushions where he’d died with a one word text, not sent, that read Cicadas.

He puts his folks into looking into it, himself as well, and starts turning up disturbing facts.

I really liked this one. Author Mick Herron has written a novel that paces nicely as he builds his story with each revealed piece and kept me interested all the way.

What more can one ask of a thriller? Can be ordered HERE.