61Noeue14dLL. Frank Baum first introduced us to his enduring creation in 1899. telling tales to children. He was already a published writer when it was suggested that he write them in a book and THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ was published soon after that. And the rest, as they say, was history. It has spawned numerous other books. Ruth Plumley Thompson took over the series after Baum’s death(the fourteenth Oz book was published posthumously) and wrote twenty-one novels, with a book of Oz poetry appearing in the early nineties. Other writers have taken up pen to add to the rich world as well.

And of course that fine film introduced Oz to folks that don’t read and know not what they miss. Some find fault with Baum’s work. But remember children of that previous and early Twentieth century weren’t nearly as sophisticated as those of today’s world. Education wasn’t as wide spread either.

I read all of Baum’s Oz books many years back in new editions. All fourteen of those books, as well as THE WOGGLE BUG BOOK, are collected here with the wonderful artwork of the original publications by W. W. Denslow. I haven’t read all the titles yet this time around, but enjoyed paging through them checking out those great black and white sketches in the interior, the covers, even on the title pages of each book.

Those alone are worth the price the good folks at DOMA PUBLISHING HOUSE are asking, never mind fifteen novels on top of that. Visit their site. They offer collections of Jules Verne, Jane Austen, and Charles Dickens as well at the same modest price of $.99. It’s a great way to add those respected authors to your Kindle.

Highly recommended and available HERE. Check out some of the artwork below.