17857898I’ve come to look forward to a new book by J. D. Rhoades. A fellow North Carolinian, most of his work is set in the state, the thrillers anyway(he also does a bit of SF and fantasy). BROKEN SHIELD is a sequel to BREAKING COVER, his 2008 thriller. This time, however, Tim Buckthorn, a deputy sheriff of Gibson County, is the main focus, Tony Wolf a supporting character.

It begins after tornadoes had laid a wide swath of waste to across two states. A photo is found of a young girl tied to a chair when a woman is cleaning the junk deposited in her yard.

The FBI gets involved, in the person of Tony Wolf and his partner, Leila Dushane, and the trail sends them to Tennessee and a deep south criminal organization tied in with an ex-Irish terrorist.

And ultimately Buckthorn on a hunting mission!

J. D. Rhoades knows how to write an action scene, pacing, and a high energy conclusion. Couple that with a smooth writing style and you get a thriller that one can’t help racing through.

Recommended highly for all thriller lovers. Can be had HERE.