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1: 18 1/2 Minutes(review copy) – Ronald C. Meyer: from the cover, one gets the idea. This thriller explains what was on those “accidentally” erased 18 1/2 minutes from the Nixon Tapes.

2: The Healer(review copy) – Antii Tuomainen: winner of the Clue award for the best Finnish crime novel of 2011 appearing in English for the first time. A poet looks for his missing wife, a journalist investigating a serial killer, whole families, dubbed The Healer, amid a crumbling Helsinki. Society is in collapse because of worldwide climate changes. The review goes up in the morning.

3: The White Mountain(review copy) – Ernie Lindsey: My review posted this morning.

4: Leverage: The Bestseller Job – Greg Cox: based on the now cancelled TNT series, a group of ex-criminals now help the little guy stepped on by the rich, self-important guy.

5: Lullaby: Ace Atkins: I liked the author and have heard good things about his take on Robert Parker’s Spenser.

6: Hawke – Ted Bell: I was only vaguely aware of the author, but a recommendation on Forgotten Books convinced me to give this one a try.

7: A Trace of Smoke – Rebecca Cantrell: since teaming with James Rollins, I’ve become a fan and wanted to check out her solo work.

and the ebooks:

8: Warbirds of Mars: Stories of The Fight! – edited by Scott P. Vaughn & Kane Gilmour: a collection of short stories based on the WARBIRDS OF MARS, the webzine of pulp style action. It encompasses everything from air stories to war stories to spy with a cadre of characters known as The Martian Killers. Even a radio program of the stories. They have all kinds of goodies from this print(or ebook) anthology to two books of the strips gathered comic book style to tee shirts of the various characters. Am reading this one now.

9: The Bloody Spur – Charles Einstein: recommended by Ed Lynskey on Forgotten Books. Downloaded it from the Munsey’s site.

10: Sledge – Ernie Lindsey: a short story connected with the novel THE WHITE MOUNTAIN posted on earlier.