17703568The plot to Ernie Lindsey’s new novel is not new, but he handles it with a deft flair and enough twists to keep me guessing and turning the pages.

Our heroine is private eye Mary Walker, a woman who scrapes along with workman’s compensation cases and cheating spouses. She walks with a cane, one leg crushed years ago while a cop by a serial killer, SLEDGE, so named for his choice of weapons.

The plot here is people hunting people, an underground game where every couple of years, ten men, all usually special forces, are set loose to hunt, and kill, each other. The final survivor then has to fight the previous winner, Ares, for the grand prize of ten million dollars. The game stretches all the way back to the Civil War and is controlled by a powerful family with connections to the White House.

Mary’s brother-in-law, Randall, is one of the participants and when the battle comes to their home, he lies to Mary, sending her to D.C. for information from a friend, mainly to get her out of harm’s way.

With Mary stepping into trouble up North, Randall, his family moved to safety, in his own troubles down South, the thriller ramps up the action on both fronts.

Not read any of the author’s work previously, but have SLEDGE ready to go next.

Highly recommended and can be found HERE.