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SSC#19What we have here is a collection of stories rooted in the pulp world of the thirties and forties. The creators, Scott P. Vaughn(art) and Kane Gilmour(words), in separate introductions, talk about the various influences that came together in this work. WARBIRDS OF MARS is a webzine with newspaper style strips telling the stories. Two books have gathered the early strips into comic book style collections. They even do radio style broadcasts of stories.

Love of all things 1940s, the pulps, superhero comics of the eighties/nineties.

The set-up is Martians invaded Earth in 1944 bringing a halt to WWII. In the strip, it’s 1948 and the world has coalesced into new alliances. Germany and Japan went with the invaders, most of the rest of the world against them.

In the States, New York and everything northeast is a free state, as is California. The Midwest is controlled by the invaders and Germany, the Southwest a constant battleground. Florida is known these days as the “Glowing Keys,” which should tell you what happened.

The main resistance players are known as the Martian Killers:

Hunter Noir, bandaged head, eyes only visible, fedora, trenchcoat, and two pistols, a Mauser and a Colt .45, is the leader

Jack “Bomber” Paris, pilot and former captain of the Wild Hare bomber squadron in the war.

Josie Taylor, lounge singer and girl friend of Paris, she’s a pilot in training and expert with weapons.

Mr. Mask, the result of genetic cross-breeding, half Martian, half human. He wears a gas mask and carries a samurai sword made by himself, and trained in the arts by the blind sensei, Ojiisama, giving a sense of worth and a name.

The team operates out of a base under Coney Island and go all across the country wherever they’re needed.

The way this collection came about is similar to others. Other writers and artists stood on the borders watching this new playground and wanting to get in to have their own fun. Thankfully the two men allowed it and we get this first volume.

Ready for more. Available both in paper and as an ebook HERE.