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SEA NO EVIL is the latest entry in James Mullaney’s humorous fantasy/noir series. Crag Banyon is a private investigator who had clients from Santa Claus to the Greek God Poseidon 17975180in this one. He has an elf partner/assistant named Mannix and a secretary Doris Starburton. To give you an idea how this fun series goes, Banyon stops in one afternoon at his favorite bar and mentions, in P.I. first person of course, it’s even deader than normal. the only customers are a vampire, a zombie, and one of those stitched together corpses that mad scientists are always putting together, then releasing it on the public.

Here, Poseidon and his new wife call Banyon in because he’s been receiving threats to his life. They meet on the outdoors deck of a sea food restaurant over the waters of the bay. You see, a hundred years before old Poseidon had been accused of putting an iceberg in the path of the Titanic. To appease the leprechaun mob, he had to wear an ankle monitor for a hundred years, confining him to water or over water. To come on land would mean his death. It would be coming off in a week.

The ever observant P.I. had noticed a little guy taking more than a casual interest in them from a distance and wearing a parka and a grass skirt. He charges at the little man, only to learn something the Poseidons had forgot to mention. His trident, used to control water, was missing.

Guess who had it!

Banyon was determined not to take their case after nearly drowning for that little omission. Unfortunately, the little man kept trying to kill Banyon and he was forced to take the case to figure out what was going on. Oh, and of course, to stay alive.

I love this series. Mullaney sprinkles pop culture references throughout the story that can’t help but bring a smile to one.

Recommended. Check it out HERE, not to mention the other books in the series. You will be entertained. I promise you.