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1 & 2: The early webstrips for Warbirds of Mars gathered into comic books.

3: The Bounty Killer – Marvin H. Albert

and the ebooks:

4: The Dead Man: Streets of Blood – Barry Napier: the winner of the write a Dead Man contest.

5: The Guns of Retribution – Icy Sedgwick: latest offering from Beat To A Pulp. Good thing. Used sites have the original paperback at over two hundred dollars.

6: Fight Club: Bluff City Brawler – Jack Tunney: Tunney is Heath Lawrence for this one.

7: West of The Big River: The Avenging Angel – Michael Newton; the latest from Western Fictioneers.

8: Sagebrush – William Wayne Dickerson: a freebie that looked interesting. Will let you know.

9: Colt(review Copy) – Jude Hardin: latest Nicholas Colt, Southern rocker turned P.I.

10: Kill Factor(review copy) – Roger Vallon: not sure when I can get to this one. The author asked for a feview, then seemed to drop off ther Earth. Finally sent a copy about six weeks after I agreed. Kind of snowed under now.