ColtCover200wFormer southern rock star Nicholas Colt didn’t work on October 21st. That was the day the plane went down, taking his wife and new son, as well as his band, he being the only survivor.

He worked as a P.I. these days. Except on October 21. He spent that day every year getting drunk.

That’s why he was annoyed when Everett Harbaugh came calling for his services. But when he offered double his usual fee, he sat up and listened. After all, his bills were all past due.

The young man wanted to find his father, his biological father. He’d just learned he was a result of an anonymous sperm donor(his father could perform) and all he had was a number. 173.

Looking for a pen to jot notes, the boy offers to get one from his Beemer. Waiting, Colt slips into a drunken sleep, only to wake up later and wondered where the boy was. Outside, the Beemer still sat there, keys in the switch, cell phone lying on the seat, wallet in the dashboard.

He’d obviously been taken. But by whom?

Colt finds a website for the children of anonymous donors and learns the young man had thirty siblings from 173. Another thing he learns is that the oldest was murdered on his twentieth birthday, stabbed while smoking outside a nightclub. The next oldest, a woman, was found hanging off a bridge, hands tied behind her back, on her twentieth.

And Everett would be twenty in four days.

Colt crosses paths with a stalking ex-girl friend, a motorcycle gang that has a mad-on against him, and a plot that grows more labyrinthine as he goes.

This latest Colt thriller is set earlier than the other books in the series, making it the first.

Just as fun as the rest though. Available HERE.