14288012 Marvin Albert has long been a favorite writer and I’ve often posted on his books, whether his westerns or his crime novels.

This is the story of Luke Chilson, a man who makes his living bringing in outlaws. He will bring them in alive if they let him, but he has a fierce reputation. His goal is to save his money and get out before he’s killed. starting a ranch.

The battle is between Chilson and Burt Faradin and his band in the small village of Wingate Well. Chilson has to battle not only the outlaws, but the townspeople as well. They remember Faradin as a small town fellow who got into trouble now and then, but had been railroaded when he defended himself in a fight with a drunk soldier. The man’s death got him sent to prison.

Now he’s escaped with the help of Eden Raab, his old girl friend, who still has romantic notions of the man she knew years before.

The town is about to be disabused of the notion of the noble outlaw who wouldn’t harm the little man when Faradin’s gang arrives.

And only Chilson stands between them and the innocents in the village. Oh, And one broke down old gunfighter/lawman now a saloon owner.

Enjoyed this one. It was made into a spaghetti western in 1967. It stuck surprisingly close to Albert’s story with a slightly different finale and a few cosmetic changes. They seemed to delight in making Mexicans the outlaws in these things.

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