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I looked forward to this one for a couple of reasons. I’m an old geezer, an 15803029original Trek fan(Trekkie or Trekker, I answer to either and am not offended), there for first time broadcast of The Man Trap, the first Trek episode aired. Been a fan ever since. I actually liked the first Trek film with the new actors. No, it wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t go into hysterics because they violated canon. Liked it anyway. I consider myself a fan and have met Nimoy, Roddenberry, and Takei. I remember standing at a con talking with Takei, surrounded by buxom barbarian women, Kilngons, Vulcans, and enjoying it all. Never felt the need to dress up and partake of that sort of fun. Just a fan.

The other reason I looked forward to THE FOLDED WORLD is my admiration for the work of author Jeff Mariotte, original or tie-in. You’re always in for an enjoyable ride when you crack a book of his.

Here, the Enterprise is on a diplomatic mission when they receive an SOS form the McRaven, another Constitution class ship. It was four days ahead on the same course, same destination.

What the crew finds is a strange anomaly, space folded over on itself, dimensions overlapping and a large number of ships caught up in it. The McRaven is one. They also see a Romulan, a Tholian, a Klingon, as well as many of unknown origin, all grouped tightly around a huge ship, also unknown. Sensors find no life and little signs of ship energy.

A rescue mission is sent in, two shuttles, against the wishes of the Ixtolian ambassador aboard the Enterprise, led by the ship’s top three and a contingent of red shirts.

Things start to go haywire inside the fold with people seeing and experiencing weird stuff that is all to real.

At the same time, Jeff has another story going on of a primitive race experiencing giants that stomp through their town, oblivious to what their steps are doing, acid rain decimating folks not undercover, and a race of beings landing, and herding survivors aboard their ships.

How all this ties together is the crux of the story and had me trying to figure it out along the way.

Had a fine time with this one. It can be ordered HERE.