We just got through a severe line of thunderstorms that stretched up and down the country at a northeast to southwest angle. Fifty to seventy mile an hour winds, rain, and hale. The storm seems to have ripped up the middle of our city, Eden. Powers’s out on the main drag. I live on one end and see no downed limbs. My sister lives on another end and has one broken limb. Her daughter, though, in a third sector, has no power, two limbs on a tree in the yard are down and her mother-in-law has a whole tree lying in the yard. Our county is one of the northernmost and has 2100 people without power. A county southwest has 38,000 outages and various smaller amounts in the surrounding counties below us. No reports of deaths so far, just a few injuries.

I know other areas of the country have been hit far worse and we sympathize with them. Stay safe folks.

update: outages and damage have risen considerably as reports come in. Still haven’t heard about any deaths. We’re lucky I guess.