3026944Technically, WEB OF THE CITY is not a forgotten book and most readers of Patti’s meme have likely read it. But maybenot all will be familiar with Mr. Ellison. Hard Case Crime has recently released a new edition which includes a few connected short. Don’t have that one yet and will likely get it soon even though I probably have those in other Ellison collections. Nice to have them all together. I do have copies of the other two listed though and have been a fan of the book for as long as I can remember.

The story Ellison tells is of gang life in New York in the fifties and to do research he was a member for a while of a real life gang of young people. In the brief introduction(he says one should never write an introduction for a novel, but he will), he admits to a fondness for the book written by “that punk kid.”

I recall it fondly as one of his better novel length works(and there was only a few). I think he prefers the shorter length and was unparalleled in that regard.

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