1: The Cast-Iron Star & Other Western Stories – Robert J. Randisi: a collection by one of our finest western writers,

2: Valdez Is Coming _ Elmore Leonard: the novel made into a film starring Burt Lancaster.

3: Reckoning at Rainrock _ Wayne D. Dundee: the second novel featuring Lone McGantry from a fine writer. Loved the first one, expect the same here.

4: The Renegades – Tom Young: a thriller where an earthquake in Afghanistan sends relief & medical workers in. Then insurgents start killing them.

and the ebooks:

5: Father And Son(review copy) – John Barlow: the second John Ray crime novel. The son of a retired English crime boss who has never liked the family business. Here he’s looking into the murder of an old family friend.

6: Collected Sci-Fi Stories Pack 1(review copy) – Marco Guarda; a collection by an Italian writer I’ve reviewed before.

7: Blood On Blood – Frank Zafiro & Jim Wilsky: recommended by James Reasoner.