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Django The Last KillerRamon(George Eastman) is headed for John Barrett’s(Daniele Vargas) spread on his donkey for the last payment on the family mortgage when he’s waylaid by four men who beat him and take the money. In the struggle, he pulls one’s mask down and gets a look at him. When the donkey shows up at the family farm, Ramon’s father(Giuseppe Addobbati, billed as John McDouglas) takes a buggy out to look for him. They’re worried about the payment. Ramon’s father thinks Barrett will be understanding. Ramon knows better.

Some of the other homesteaders come by and want Ramon’s help to take on Barrett. Ramon feels the law should handle it and refuses. He goes to the Barrett ranch to plead his case, only to recognize the man he’d unmasked among the crew. All it earns him is another beating. He’s saved when a rider, wounded, comes in to tell that the homesteaders have burned190px-LUltimoKiller_DatabasePage (1) one of Barrett’s outbuildings.

Barrett has a secret partner named Bart(Gianni Medici, billed as John Hamilton). He does the dirty work while Barrett smoozes everybody. Barrett is a patient man. Bart is not. Bart had begun burning out some of the homesteaders. Now they run wild and when Ramon gets to the farm, he finds the home burned and his father dead.

Barrett had already begun to worry about Bart’s impatience and sent for Django(Dragomir ‘Gidra’ Bojanic, billed as Anthony Ghidra), a hired killer. He wants Bart killed immediately, then hang around a month until things die down, then another killing. He will tell Django the man’s name then. Django does the first job, catching Bart cheating on a dice game, and as he leaves, Bart’s friend, the one Ramon unmasked, comes up behind Django to kill him. Ramon had been waiting for him and calls his name. The man gets off a shot at Ramon, hitting him in the shoulder, allowing Django to take him out.

275px-1565196Ramon’s old girl friend, Lola(Dan Ghia), who’s taken up with Barrett and been set up running a saloon, gets Django to hustle him out of town and take care of him. Django promises, saying no one had ever helped him before.

Then the story takes a familiar turn, the master teaching the young man how to use a gun. Ramon is a quick study and learns well. Every tip that can be imparted is given to the young man and a final test, a tough one, that if he hadn’t performed well, Django would have killed him. It’s finally time to learn who the final man Barrett wants killed. It’s the head of the homesteaders.

It’s to be his final job. Django is retiring and wants to return home, start a farm, find a wife, and raise a couple of kids. He does the job.

Lola spills the beans to Barrett about Ramon being in town looking for him. It scares Barrett and when he meets Django to pay him for the last job, he offers him one more. DjangoB000TT4SQO.01.LZZZZZZZ refuses and Barrett keeps jacking the price up until $20,000 is a little much to turn down. He doesn’t flinch when he learns the identity of the target. He is after all a professional.

Not a bad western and one can almost guess how it comes out. This was an interesting print I watched. Well done English dubbing with subtitles in a language I didn’t recognize. Middle European I imagine. Da was used when yes was said.

It’s also another of those films that used Django because it was a hot name at the time. IMDb lists the character as Rezza