Protagonist Steven Alistair Pendragon is certainly a character in HARMLESS.941983_10151424299157400_1814577504_n He’s a narcissist that believes everything he does is perfect, his whole family line actually, and if you speak with him more than a minute, you’re bosom buddies. Author Ernie Lindsey has accomplished something here: he’s taken a character unlikable on the surface and made the reader accept him as sympathetic.

Steve, with a V, has fixated on his new neighbor, an early thirties beauty, and built up a budding relationship with her. She ignores him and it doesn’t slow him down a bit.

And then he hears a gunshot and sees her body come hurtling out of an upstairs window. He rushes down, sees she’s dead, and goes into the house after the killer, only to be knocked unconscious. Coming to, he searches the house and learns the neighbor may have had a bit of a fixation on him as well. Some of his clothes, magazines, and pictures printed up from his cell phone were found.

And her diary.

It hadn’t been written in in years until one entry in the back. A letter to him explaining her circumstances and telling him that if he’s reading this, she’s dead.

At first the cops rule it a suicide, then all of a sudden, they are after Steve for the murder. He’s on the run with only a patrol cop, one of those instant buddies, believing his story and helping him

Ernie Lindsey throws several twists into the story along the way and kept me guessing to the end. The best kind of fiction.

Highly recommended and available HERE.