This first group comes from Barry Ergang, whose site is well worth checking out. He’s got them organized by type and the prices compete well with the used sites. The difference here is he doesn’t have jacked-up shipping and handling for each book, not having a broker to go through that must get his cut. I order from him often and he accepts payment through Paypal or check(though he will let you know that the check will have to clear before he ships them. I order regularly and always get swift action. This group I ordered on a Friday and got them the next Tuesday.


1 & 2: The Spider Strikes! & The Wheel of Death – R. T. M. Scott: these two book originally came bundled together. It was quite a deal. Buy the first, the second was free. At $.60, it was hard to pass up. I have them, but they were damaged years ago and I took the opportunity to pick them up.

3: The Sunrise Riders – William Colt MacDonald: large pritn edition

4: The Singing Scorpion – William Colt MacDonald

5: Swing Low, Swing Dead – Frank Gruber: the last johnny Fletcher mystery. A review was posted Friday.

6: The Cold Dish – Craig Johnson: I like the A & E series so I thought it was time to try one of the books.

7: Take My Face – Peter Held: Bill Crider posted on this one, an early Jack Vance. I found one reasonably priced, half the price of the cheapest other copy, a quarter of the most expensive. And it’s in very good shape.

8: What Doesn’t Kill Her(review copy) – Max Allan Collins: the latest thriller from one of my favorites.

9: The Heist – Janet Evanovitch & Lee Goldberg: Lee is a long time favorite. Not read any of Evanovitch’s work prior to the prequel short story they did for this first book in a new series.

and the ebooks:

10: Collected Sci-Fi Stories: Pack 1(review copy): Marco Guarda; an Italian writer whose work I’ve reviewed before.

11; Shootout At Hellyer’s Creek(review copy) – Chap O’Keefe: the first Joshua Dillard western My review goes up in the morning.