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92530A run of the mill western starring Lee Van Cleef as an Apache army officer investigating the murder of an Indian agent revered by his charges. His dying words to the Sheriff with him were “April morning!”

Van Cleef looks decidedly odd with hair and his darkened skin, wearing a military uniform(pants and a leather jacket with trim and epaulets on the shoulders). It’s never explained, though mentioned, how an Indian got into and graduated from West Point. He gets called Red Ass a number of times throughout the film.

Stuart Whitman is a rich landowner/gunrunner who swings a big stick. When he brings a hundred rifles and ammunition to a self-styled Mexican general that wants the weapons without paying for them, and Whitman killed, the general learns the folly of his ways when there is a regime change suddenly and one of his own men turns on him. Whitman wants to know what April Morning means.

images (1)Carroll Baker is the blond temptress that we never quite understand.

The plot is quite incoherent from the saloon Apache goes to early in the film where everyone is dead but the “blind” guitar player, though not really blind, until he tries to kill the Captain to the episode where a couple of lightweights force him to take a concoction that makes him hallucinatory, showing him who killed the agent. Now how he could produce the identities of killers, see the actual murder, he sought through the use of mind altering drugs makes no sense at all. And the final solution of April morning.

Lee Van Cleef was a giant in the spaghetti genre and made a lot of films. This was a distinctly minor effort that didn’t really seem like a spaghetti to me. Van C;eef even sings a couple of songs, though in the background, during the film. The trailer below makes it look much better than it actually was,