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169: CR: Swing Low, Swing Dead – Frank Gruber

170: HR: Dark Woods – Jay Kumar

171: CR: What Doesn’t Kill Her – Max Allan Collins

172: CR: Harmless(ebook) – Ernie Lindsey

173: WE: Shootout At Hellyer’s Creek(ebook) – Chap O’Keefe

174: PU: The Spider Strikes! – R. T. M. Scott

175: PU: The Spider: The Wheel of Death – R. T. M. Scott

176: WE: West of The Big River: The Avenging Angel(ebook) – Mike Newton

177: HR: The Dead Man: Streets of Blood(ebook) – Barry Napier

178: SF: Kill Factor(ebook) – Roger Vallon

179: SF: Doctor Who: I Am A Dalek(ebook) – Gareth Roberts

180: SF: Collected Sci-Fi Stories: Pack 1(ebook) – Marco Guarda

181: AD: Doc Savage: Skull Island – Will Murray

182: WE: Bodie Kendrick-Bounty Hunter: Diamond In The Rough(ebook) – Wayne D. Dundee