123087It wasn’t what Deputy Frank Vaughn wanted. He lived by the hunter’s code of never leaving a wounded animal to suffer needlessly. He’d did that yesterday when he was tracking a poacher with his friend, tracker Boone, and another deputy. The scream and the gunshot has alerted them that something was wrong.

They found two bodies, both with broken necks, one a deer that had been gutted, the heart and liver gone, the second the poacher. The godawful smell had alerted them to something incredible. Just before the Sasquatch attacked, flinging Boone away with a shattered arm. Frank got off a shot that hit it and drove it off. Then he got his friend out of the woods and to the hospital.

Now, the next day, he planned to track the animal down and finish it off if it hadn’t already died. But there were other forces at work and he was soon saddled with another hunter, a representative of Carolina Pacific, the timber firm that owned logging rights, and a professor that was an expert on Sasquatches. The’d hardly gotten started when a call from his office alerted them that there was a representative from the Fish and Wildlife Reserve, endangered species division, that demanded she accompany them, her or the FBI. When she arrived, she was a mid-twenties young woman with no field experience and wearing a bright orange parka.

The four are about to run into more than they bargained for. Each of them had their own agenda and they soon discovered tracks of a second, much larger Sasquatch, the print size indicating something nine feet or bigger.

Author Jay C. Kumar is an expert on the outdoors and has hunted, dished, and explored many of the remote areas of the country. He researched extensively for this book and used the most up-to-date information ‘known’ about these animals. It’s a romantic notion that there might be such creatures in remote areas of the country, but I remain a skeptic. It’s fun to read fiction about them though.


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