imagesRoy Colt(Brett Halsey) and Winchester Jack(Charles Southwood), so named because of their skill with the appropriate weapons, are the leaders of a not so successful gang of outlaws in this comedy spaghetti western. Not a great comedy at that either. One reviewer on IMDb puts it in The Bowery Boys/Police Academy ranks. This one was a bit different for me: Italian with English subtitles.

When the pair get into one of their all to frequent fights over who runs the gang(it’s usually whoever’s left standing however tenuously that is), Roy decides he’s had enough and decides he wants to go straight. See the clip.

Roy heads for Karton City, arriving just in time to rescue a crippled bankerRoyColt_WinchesterJack_DatabasePage named Samuel(Giorgio Garguillo), who looks for all the world a fat, bearded Donald Pleasance. Apparently Samuel has a treasure map he doesn’t want to get out of his hands. Nothing is ever said about where the treasure came from, who hid it(in an Indian burial ground), and it’s a wagon load of dust in bags.

Roy takes a job as a stage guard and stops a hold-up by Winchester jack and his old band. They kill the driver, but he talks them out of it with talk of a bigger plan.

A third outlaw enters the picture about now. Known as The Reverend(Teodora Corra), he’s a Russian priest gone bad and carries the humor much better than our two ‘heroes.’ He suffers from bouts of malaria and is burning up amid the cold weather.

A very attractive Marilu Tolo plays a young Indian woman, Mahila, rescued by Jack from a couple of bounty hunters taking her in for killing her man. She wants a husband, but otherwise is quite mercenary when it comes to dispensing favors. Ten bucks up front. “You want me to take off my clothes? Two dollars more!” That’s two dollars for each piece of clothing.

Roy-Colt-and-Winchester-Jack-1970-210x300Jack and The Reverend team up and take Samuel’s map, splitting it between them. But Samuel has tricked then with a fake map and when Roy brings the stage in with the payroll intact, he’s made the Sheriff and given he real map with a solemn promise to bring the gold back to town when he finds it. Wink, Nod. Of course he will.

The movie is typical of spaghettis with cross and double cross. For a comedy in this genre, the body count was very high. The reason is that the script was originally intended as a straight western and director Mario Bava made the decision to turn it into a spoof just before filming.

Kind of low brow humor here, but I love me some spaghetti westerns.

roy colt y winchester jack