1; The Nightstalkers: The Book of Truths(ARC) – Bob Mayer: second book in this new Area 51 series. Liked it a lot.

2: Tomorrow City(review copy) – Kirk Kjeldsen; new crime novel about a man who starts a new life after an armored car robbery gone bad causes four deaths. A dozen years later that past catches up.

3: The Eye of God – James Rollins: latest Sigma Force thriller from one of my favorite authors.

4: Long Road To Cheyenne – Charles G. West; latest western from another favorite.

5: The Brothers O’Brien: The Law of Violence – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: Doc Holliday turns to Jacob O’Brien for help after he kills a rich man;s son. It was self defense but the rancher doesn’t see it that way.

6: Luke Jenson, Bounty Hunter: Dead Shot: William W; Johnstone with J. A Johnstone: Smoke Jenson’s older brother in his second adventure.

7: The Reluctant Pinkerton – Robert J. Randisi: the second novel featuring Talbert Roper.

and the ebooks:

8: Sara’s Game – Ernie Lindsey; an early novel by an author that’s become a favorite.

9 & 10: The Man In The Moon & Death and The Dancing Shadows – James Reasoner: two early novellas by James featuring P. I. Markham.

11: Texas Vigilante – Bill Crider: an early novel just hitting ebooks. Loved the first book in this series.

12: Guns of Brixton – Paul D. Brazill: crime novel by a blogger friend. Looks good.

13: Wolf Creek: Showdown at Demon’s Drop – Ford Fargo: fifth book in the shared universe series from The Western Fictioneers.

14: Wolf Creek: Hell on The Prairie – Ford fargo: sixth novel in the shared universe.