In the early years of his career, author Charles G. West concentrated on three book15815353series, and one four book sequence. Then he switched to standalone novels and has done quite well at it. LONG ROAD TO CHEYENNE is his most recent published work.

Cam Sutton liked working with cows, but wanted to see the country before it got civilized. His boss understood and wished him well.

He’d hardly gotten started before he stopped a stage holdup that had taken two lives and about to be more. Mary Bishop and her two young daughters had come looking for her husband and were on the stage. He’d sent a letter saying he was coming home and hadn’t been heard from since.

Cam agreed to accompany the three ladies into Deadwood in search of her husband, then learns before they get there that a man named Bishop had been killed in another stage robbery. One telegram told her that it was her husband.

Now she wanted him to help find the gold mine that her husband and his older brother were working. The man needed to be told his brother was dead.

Things didn’t go well there either. The upshot was Mary was a wealthy woman now and needed help even more. Cheyenne was a long trip back and three females with a hundred pounds of gold dust would be easy prey.

Road agents, crooked store owners, crooked miners, and such were some things Cam had to deal with. There was also a crazed killer on his trail from that first stage holdup he stopped. Cam had shot him in his gun hand and he’d snapped, wanting revenge.

Another fine western from a great writer.