Brendan Lavin’s world comes crashing down because of a past he was trying to18001334 live down. An ex-con, he’d learned a trade in prison he enjoyed: baking. He’d opened a bake shop and was getting by. Barely.

His girl friend’s cousin shows up one day with a sure fire deal. Brendan wasn’t interested. The cousin and his bunch were the reason he’d spent time in prison, not ratting out the rest of them.

The bills weren’t getting paid. His lease was up and his landlord wanted to go up on the rent. He couldn’t do it.

The sure fire job, an armored car, went bad from the beginning. The three man crew died, his girl friend’s cousin died, and Brendan was on the run.

It’s twelve years later ans Brendan lives in Shanghai. Married with a young daughter, he has a successful bakery. Mostly he stays back in the kitchen, not wanting any potential people recognizing him and because he just loves baking.

Things go south when a local magazine wants to do a story on his shop. He tells his assistant manager to handle the interview and is horrified to see a photo of him behind the counter with the article. There wasn’t supposed to be any pictures of him. He insisted on that.

Because of modern technology and the internet, the old crew suddenly shows up, one of the bunch was Chinese and knew the area, and forces him to help on a new job. A jewel heist and they threaten his wife and daughter.

His world is unraveling even as he tries to hold it together and figure how he can save his family, keeping it all secret at the same time.

An interesting fast read, I knocked it out in a few hours, Kirk Kjeldsen lives in shanghai and brings much of the city, the culture, to life in this crime novel.

Worth a look and can be had HERE.