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Portrait of man in buckskin pants with rifle in wheat fieldJeremiah ‘Shooter’ York and his cousin, George Monk, had just finished off a vicious gang of cutthroats that were robbing and murdering whole families, seven in the area, and the last had been personal friends of the two men. A troop of soldiers came along and they learned another friend was in trouble.

Moon Bear was a Cherokee farmer who had farmed his piece of land for twenty years and his father before that. The American government in their infinite wisdom had begun moving Cherokee off their lands a few years before, 1830, and sent them on what became known as The trail of Tears.

A group of renegades had attacked a group of soldiers and hijacked a load of rifles. A surviving scout, living long enough to mention Moon Bear being there, was enough to send the Army patrol after him.

It didn’t make a lot of sense to Shooter and George. They knew the the Cherokee would never be involved with something like that. But the scout who’d identified him, Henry Langdon, was a good and honest man himself.

A perplexing mystery and one Shooter and George wanted to help figure out before their Cherokee friend was gunned down or hanged.

This is a prequel to the RANCHO DIABLO western series created and written by Mel Odom, James Reasoner, and Bill Crider. There will be another prequel most assuredly because we haven’t seen the incident that gives the name of the town in the series, Shooter’s Cross.  Colby Jackson this time around is Mel Odom.

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