Skyrocket Steele – Ron Goulart: long a fan of Goulart’s work, when James Reasoner showcased this one of Forgotten books, I had to grab it.

and the ebooks:

2: Sound of Silence – Linda Pendleton: long a fan of her work, this was offered free this weekend. Couldn’t resist.

3: Blood Land – R. S. Guthrie: unfamiliar with this author’s work, this was another freebie I’n trying. Looks good and may lead to me buying more. Who Knows. Like i need more books. sigh

4: Gloves Off – a collection of fight fiction. The price was attractive, so I bought.

5: Crime Square – edited by Robert Z. Randisi: a new addition of a book from a publisher gone out of business right after the original release. Available book in ebook and paper.

6: Two of A Kind – Matthew Pizzolato; A collection of western stories.

7: The Heist – Devin Hobbes: a zombie short story I tumbled across.