Ellie Taine thought the violence chronicled in OUTRAGE AT BLANCO was behind her. But’s51RJQA0P06L she’s about to have more visited on her by a sleaze named Angel Ware.

Sue and Lane Tolbert worked for her, Lane as her foreman. She adored their ten year daughter named Laurie.

Angel Ware was Sue’s brother and a man who’d never been right in the head. He was serving a life sentence for murder until he’d escaped, murdering two guards and two trustees in the process. Ware wanted revenge on all the people who’d put him in prison: his sister Sue, her husband Lane, and his brother-in-law’s brother, Cody Tolbert, a Texas Ranger. You see, Ware never considered that his own actions put him in prison. It was always someone else’s fault.

Ware and his three fellow escapees, having secured the current location of his family, were headed for Ellie’s ranch. As was Cody Tolbert.

And a lot of violence!