3199380I’ve been a fan of Goulart’s work for many years, from his original stuff to his his ghost work to his books on the pulp and comic genres. His tie-in work are particular favorites. THE PHANTOM novelizations, his twelve AVENGER novels under the Kenneth Robeson bylines, and his TEKWAR ghost work are particular favorites. I thought it nice that Shatner gave him a thank you for his “assistance” on that last series four, five books in. I’ve read a great many of his books, but not all. A few weeks back James Reasoner covered this one on Forgotten Books and gave me a good reason to jump back into Goulart’s world. Read his review. Much better than my meager efforts.

This one finds a young pulp writer, Pete Tinsley, in Hollywood to help a writer get out a Martian serial in 1940 and he soon falls for a young woman named Tracy Flinn that seems to have a knack that gets them out of trouble now and again.

As the story unfolds, Pete learns there’s more going on than a few gangsters and Nazis mixing it up.

Entertaining piece of science fiction.

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