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It’s been a few years since I last saw this film until this morning. I saw it and230px-VierFauestaHallPos it’s predecessor, THEY CALL ME TRINITY, in theaters way back then and I think it was those two that really fired my love of the spaghetti western genre. Oh, I’d sen the Eastwood “Dollar pictures” and enjoyed them. But back them they were just another western.

In TRINITY IS STILL MY NAME, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer return as brothers Trinity and Bambino and we get more of the same from the first movie, only nicely packaged for a change compared to so many sequels. Fistfights, the jokes, beans, and Trinity’s love of embarrassing pretentious gunmen with the slapping, quick draws, and laughter at their expense.

230px-Vier_Faeuste_Halleluja2There’s a nice sequence at the beginning where the brothers confront the same four men separately. Bambino gets them first when he strolls up carrying a saddle on one shoulder. Also out of bullets, he manages to charm them out of a box, then robs them, eats their beans, takes their horses, and crowns one of them with a big fist and he stays stunned throughout the rest of the picture.

Trinity gets his chance and robs them basically of what they have left and eats their last pan of beans.

The boys were headed home and Ma gets her shot at the quartet when they come bursting in during dinner time. Robbed and kicked out, we don’t see much253212-westerns-trinity-is-still-my-name-poster of them again until the finale of the film. Pa(Harry Carey, Jr.) is worried the boys are too nice to be good outlaws. He fakes a stroke to get Bambino to promise to teach Trinity how to be a good horse thief.

Unfortunately neither is very good at being the bad guy no matter how hard they try. Their first attempt to rob a pioneer family with a broken wagon wheel results in them helping their prospective victims change the broken wheel and even give them money to get the sick baby to the doctor. Of course the pretty daughter catches Trinity’s eye and is the main reason. it becomes a running theme throughout the movie helping the family and giving them money.

trinity_is_still_my_name_frgrandIn his flirtations with the daughter in town, after cleaning themselves up with baths and new clothes(won in a poker game rigged by Trinity), Trinity intimates that they are Federal agents on a job. overheard, word gets back to a man named Parker and he figures the are investigating him. He also figures he can buy them off and the pair get two thousand apiece for nothing. Trinity smells more and keeps poking around, eventually being lead to a suspicious monastary(where a henchman of Parker’s warns them to stay away from) and the final battle, a large and funny fist fight with the boys juggling a sack full of cash while they battled Parker and his gang of outlaws.

This film was shot shortly after the first, but release kept getting delayed asdownload THE CALL ME TRINITY continued with heavy bookings and they wanted to wring every cent they could from it. The second film eventually became the most successful spaghetti western of all time in Italy and the number five grosser of all time in Italian films. It also made the two men stars and they went on to other films together, though no more as the brothers. One of their earlier films was re-released with Trinity in the title and, as per usual in Itlaian films, a slew of movies appeared with Trinity in the title to piggyback on the two films.