17166250Luke Jensen delivers a bounty to the small town of Rio Rojo and is waiting on confirmation of his five thousand dollar reward when the bank is hit, cleaned out, by a pair of outlaws he recognizes as Gunner Kelly and his Apache partner, Dog Eater.

He can’t collect his reward unless he goes after it and they have money on their heads as well. And the owner of the bank offers Luke an extra five thousand to bring them back dead. And the money of course.

Luke ends up being followed by a wet behind the ears kid, Hobie McCullough, who wants to be a bounty hunter. Most of his time is spent trying to keep the kid alive, though he’s obligated because the kid did save his life.

The pair go through a series of adventures involving outlaw Mexican Rurales, a beautiful young redhead, with which Hobie becomes smitten, pursued by an outlaw gang, in running battles before his final confrontation.

Liked this one and have an idea who the J. A. Johnstone is this time around.