In this third Brynn Hollister novel(I covered the first two HERE), our favorite81NwHax4ZpL._SL1500_ P.I., who lives and works in the province of Manchester, is hired by a man ripped off by a transvestite prostitute, his wallet stolen. The man cares nothing about the cash, identity papers, or personal items, just the key card for a storage locker.

It doesn’t take Hollister long to recover the item. When the client doesn’t answer his phone, he drops by his home only to find the man dead in his car, apparently from a drug overdose, whether by accident or suicide he’s not sure.

He doesn’t tell Peacemaker Shannon everything when he calls, as in what he was really looking for and that he’d found it.

At the same time, Hollister’s best friend, and former co-worker, reporter Stewart Ramsden is looking into a missing man for one of the fellow’s neighbors. She’d heard loud arguments through the paper thin walls the night before. The Peacemakers don’t seem interested in looking into it and claim the man has contacted them.

Then Ramsden turns up murdered.

Hollister is determined to find out who killed his friend and just what’s going on as connections to the two incidents start popping up.

Author Chris Fitzgerald has created a world in the aftermath of the third world war. Nuclear weapons have been banned. Manchester Province is walled off from the Wildness and the Wild Ones, as is most of the world. One can only get from one to the other by plane.

I enjoyed this third adventure and look forward to more. It can be ordered HERE.