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A combination this week of ARCs and copies sent for review, freebies, and a handful I will always buy as soon as I find them.

1: Star Wars: Kenobi(ARC) – John Jackson Miller: set shortly after Revenge of The Sith, it concerns Obi-Wan arriving on Tatooine with baby Luke and setting up housekeeping to watch over him until the right time. The way this one ended, while Luke is still a small child, I can see more coming.

2: Loss of Innocence(ARC) – Richard North Patterson: this will by my first Patterson thriller in years.

3: The Pitcher – William Hazelgrove: a non-genre novel of a small boy with dreams of the Major leagues, his mother, and the former Major league pitcher they convince to tutor him. The author sent me a copy for review and I was quite pleased, as I was with his previous novel.

4: Spirit Rider – Cotton Smith: I’ve had the sequel for years and now with this one, they will get read.

and the ebooks:

5: War Games – James Reasoner: what can I say. A Markham P.I. novella. I’ve enjoyed the first two early efforts come to ebook. One I had to get.

6: Ratcatcher – Tim Stevens: looked interesting and the price was good enough to give it a try.

7: Rivalry – Jack Badelaire: a ghost story; I like the author’s work and it was priced low enough to make me jump.

8: The Train To Calais – Jack Badelaire: set during WWII with the French resistance.

9: Apache Country – Christopher Kenworthy; a western picked for review at the author’s request. Reading it now.

10: Vampire Slayer Killed In Key West and Other Mick Murphy Short Stories – Michael Haskins: a freebie, the title caught my interest.

11: Pitchfork Justice – Chuck Tyrell: a Tyrell western is always a sure buy.

12: Forbidden The Stars – Valmore Daniels: looked interesting and was free. A good combination

13: Dirty Martini – J. A. Konrath: not read Konrath’s work. Offered up free, I thought it might be a good place to start. Like I need another author to be buying.

14: Red Mountain – David Thayer: another author I haven’t yet read. Reference comment above.