DOC_Kindle_LayoutAir Force captain Boyd Chailland gets pulled back into a mission. His previous success, THE OTHER PILOT, marked him as a man who got things done. Tough things.

An outbreak of Ebola in an isolated African village brings WHO officials. It’s obvious that someone has beat them there. Someone in a hazmat suit that took samples of the virus.

Next a transmission is picked up from an island in the Seychelles, a frantic cry for help, that they’d screwed up.

Boyd is in charge of the team that goes in to check it out. Labs were burning, a dead body sitting on the beach, one shot twice, and a number of dead monkeys. A notebook with the body on the beach spelled it out. The two men had been hired to grab a sample, develop it into something more, along with a vaccine. Now it was out there in someone’s hands for what purpose no one knew.

The trail leads Boyd to a banker in Charleston, South Carolina, an old world French banker(whose family had been in the business for hundreds of years), and a sailing boat called The Chardonnay owned by the French family’s granddaughter.

Sailing boats are a bit outside Boyd’s wheel house, being a fighter pilot by trade, but he takes to it as he goes undercover.

Author Ed Baldwin has delivered another fine thriller full of action and colorful characters from all over the world. I learned a few things, details about stuff I only had a cursory knowledge of, and he kept me rolling over the pages in this second Boyd Chailland thriller.

I’m ready for the next one. The Devil on Chardonnay can be had at a fine price.