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15803028Pocket has such a wide ranging Trek program that I don’t buy a lot of the books anymore. Being an original Trekkie/Trekker, I limit myself these days to original series novels. With the new film this year, the publishing program is lousy with TOS novels. Greg Cox is one of my favorites(his Khan trilogy is a particular favorite) and THE WEIGHT OF WORLDS does that for which the TV series was always good: disguising commentary on real world events as science fiction.

The Ilatl open a dimensional rift and invade the Federation. They come through at The Ephrata Institute, a think tank on a remote planet, with their Crusade to bring their Truth before it’s too late. Whether we want it or not, their religious fervor demands they convert us by whatever means necessary in order to save us by their version of the end of time. It matters not whether we want it. They will force it on us by fair means or foul. And their foul means is a gravity weapon that can increase one’s attraction many fold or get rid of it all together.

When the Enterprise responds to an emergency SOS, Kirk and Spock find the inhabitants, scientists, artists, thinkers, in the midst of a new fever. The two officers are taken through the rift to Ialat to face the God-King. There they learn there is an underground aghast at what the priest have done to the sciences in their zeal to “save” the many races in this new dimension. They work from that side as the Enterprise is under attack in our dimension to be taken so that the Truth can be spread throughout. They never developed space travel, believing they were the only race. Finding a new dimension populated by uncounted races has warped the priesthood’s psyche and sent them on their impossible mission.

Author Greg Cox makes use of Uhura and Sulu more so than the series ever did. Set during the original five year mission in those last two years never shown on TV(reference is made to shows from all three years as events in the past.

A good one. Available HERE.