577163_487538427971919_1362572394_nAndrez Bergen is a writer new to me, one I came across since my relatively new membership on Facebook. An ex-pat Australian writer living in Tokyo for the past ten years. He wears many hats, fiction writer, reviewer(books, movies, and music), teaching English full time, and music creator as Little Nobody.

THE CONDIMENTAL OP(with apologies to Dashiell Hammett) is a sort of biographical piece that covers his career from his youngest days as a writer up to the present. We get a look at how a working writer operates in producing his various pieces.

We see a mix of short stories, partial works cut from novels(prologues and epilogues) as well as the replacements. There are articles written for various publications that cover everything from a Sumo wrestler’s favorite meal to pack on the poundage to the firebombing of Tokyo in 1945 to movies reviews(You Only Live Twice and Cars to mention two) to his favorite foods. There are sketches and graphic stories he wrote.

He ends this collection with a piece he wrote shortly after the horrific earthquake in 2011.

Quite enjoyed this one. The unusual cover art is by his young daughter Cocoa. It’s available HERE.