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1: Kill City Blues(ARC) – Richard Kadrey: the fifth Sandman Slim novel. Part angel, most recently the current Lucifer until he foisted it off on one of the God brothers, Slim is a killer.

and the ebooks:

2: Son of The Tree – Jack Vance: a space opera from Vance’s early days picked up for Jack Vance day this Friday on Forgotten Books.

3: West of The Big River: The Ranger – James J. Griffin

4: West of The Big River: The Artist – Jackson Lowry: Tales from the Western Fictioneers based on real life figures in the old West.

5: Rag Baby – Mark Ellis: a mystery featuring Bonaparte “Bone” Mizell. Rather enjoyed this one.

6: The Dead Man: Crucible of Fire – Mel Odom: the latest adventure of the living dead man from a fine writer. It was good.