ckerman’s Raiders are led by Boyd Ackerman, a West Point graduate cashiered from the17239892 army for dereliction of duty in that he’d refused orders to link up with another officer and caused that man’s entire company of men to be wiped out by Indians while he waited only a mile away.

Ackerman objected and formed his own band, sneaking back into the fort late the same night and releasing everyone from the stockade, all guilty of various crimes. Ackerman runs his outfit by military rules and is quite successful.

But he also has revenge on his mind. Two of the men who testified at his court martial were Falcon MacCallister and his commanding officer, who happened to be Falcon’s brother-in-law. When he reads in the paper that the man’s daughter has just gotten married, he hatches a new plan.

he kidnaps the girl, murders her new husband, nd then leaves a ransom note. Ackerman thinks he’s covered his tracks well.

But he’s made one big mistake. He has Falcon and two of his brothers on his trail.

The latest adventure in the Eagles series, begun with the family patriarch, Jaime MacCallister, then becoming a series about mostly Falcon Maccallister,  one of the last  gunmen in the old west. A man who doesn’t go looking for trouble, but neither backs away when it presents.