16130602Author Dayton Ward has written a love letter, in my mind, to all Trek fans. In his afterward, he says the idea was kicking around in his head for years before it was agreed to by the powers that be. He references a number of episodes from the different series and brings in characters prominent in most of them. Characters are from the Deep Space Nine episode LITTLE GREEN MEN wherein Quark and family go through a time warp and crashed in New Mexico in 1947, becoming the Roswell Incident, play prominent parts in the tale. Also the ENTERPRISE episode CARBON CREEK gives us the Vulcan that stayed behind when the home planet rescued them to observe the human race and he plays a part in the actions. Finally Roberta Lincoln(played by a young Teri Garr) and Gary Seven(Robert Lansing) from ASSIGNMENT: EARTH play roles, though Miss Lincoln’s is bigger.

The story is told in two time lines, one with Kirk and crew in 2268 and the other beginning in the latter forties and progressing into the late sixties.

Our tale opens when the Enterprise is invaded is invaded by two beings by use of a powerful transporter beam. One a Vulcan named Mestral and the other a Certross. The Vulcan claims to have lived on Earth since the mid-fifties. The Certross says she’s part of a mission sent to Earth to force it to destroy itself before it can mature enough to enter the world of space and destroy her people.

The Certross are known in Kirk’s day as an obscure, pacifistic race that don’t even arm their ships.

At about that moment, a Certross ship arrives at the Enterprise’s location, followed shortly by a Tandaran ship demanding the Certross that sent a signal to their home world. And that ship is heavily armed and coming in hot.

It’s all part of a shadowy time war chronicled in the early years of the Enterprise Trek series.

And then the fun hits when Roberta Lincoln transports in. While it’s only been a week since Kirk and crew last saw the young girl that aide Gary Seven, for her it’s a year. She’s much more professional now.

Dayton Ward brigs in Project Blue Book in that early time line, as well as Majestic 12, a super secret organization that may or may not have existed.

A lot of fun this one and can be ordered HERE..