817ovr5XpIL._SL1360_LOKI”S ROCK is not an old or forgotten book, but I think it deserves more attention and I hope I can help. Author Mark Ellis has written in the comic field(Wild, Wild West and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) and created the Outlanders series for Gold Eagle(about fifty novels).

Loki is a planet in the distant Orion Spur. Contact had been lost nearly two hundred years before at the time of the Catastrophes: pole changes, earthquakes, volcanoes. All that was known was that millions had died. The Spur was also where an ancient race dubbed the Imperators had expanded their influence by conquering other worlds. All that was left these days were ruins.

Colonel Quentin Crockett and his team have been sent in by Commonwealth Colonization Board, via the recently formed Offworld Operations to check it out.

Crockett’s team consisted of their doctor, Quanah Bartholomew Parker, a Comanche, Alexis-Elgin Jones, psychologist, and Syne, a synthetic human computer.

Author Mark Ellis has set up a world part western, part science fiction, all fine entertainment.

We have two villains here; Django Bonner and Brigadefuhrer Fenris. Two men on opposing sides that Crockett and his team get caught up in.

Loki’s Rock is a small town where Bonner holds sway and trades with The people in the mountain with a huge head of Adolph Hitler carved into it.

Lots of action, not to mention the attacks by the Lakota, who’d gone back to the old ways after the Catastrophes. Except they did use modern weapons.

Had a fine time with this one.

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