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1 Killing His Fear(review copy) – John B. Wren

2:To Probe A Beating Heart(review copy) – John B. Wren: the author sent me copies of his two thrillers.

3: Primeval: The Lost Island – Paul Kearney

4: Primeval: Fight For Survival – Alicia Broderson: two tie-in novels based on the British SF series wherein anomalies open up all over England. They’re conduits to the past, future, but a distressing number of dinosaurs pop through.

5: Legacy: The Killing Fields(ARC) – Warren Murphy & Gerald Welch: the spin-off series from the Destroyer where the children of Remo Williams, by different mothers, fight to guard threats to U. S. borders as they train in the Sinanju arts.

and the ebooks:

6: Early Crimes – Max Allan Collins: two short stories and an unpublished novel.

7: Rio Concho: Showdown In Abilene – Alfred Wallon

8: Rio Concho: Gunfighter’s Legacy – Alfred Wallon: first two novels in the new western series from Piccadilly Publishing.

9: Darkest Hour – Matt Hilton

10: Dominion – Matt Hilton: two horror novels from the fine thriller writer.

11: Dancing With Dead Men – James Reasoner: his 300th novel. Two good reasons to buy this one immediately.

12: Painting by Numbers – Tom Gillespie: recommended to me by Nik Morton with a warning to watch the ending. Sounds good.

13: The machine: Tom Aston: a freebie recommended by a service I subscribe to.

14: Black Onyx – Victor Methos: another freebie. ee previous comment.

15: After A Lean Winter – Tom Farland: a freebie. Kevin Tipple pointed the way.

16: River Bottom Blues – Ricky Bush: after reviewing the second book in the series, I had to go back and buy this one. it was that god.