The Legacy series is a spin-off of Warren Murphy’s Destroyer series. CURE is a487162_305674892888795_1888635576_n rogue agency now not controlled by the White House. The mission is still the same though. And there’s a new division that Harold Smith has put in the hands of Ben Cole. His mission is to protect our borders from whoever, whether terrorists, drug dealers, or just plain maniacs after power.

His weapons are two young people, Stone Smith and Freya Williams, children of Sinanju master Remo Williams by different mothers. Stone is a trained SEAL and Freya is a sixteen year old girl. Their grandfather, the biological father of Remo. trains them. Sunny Joe is his title as chief of the Sinanju Indians of the American southwest. Hundreds of years before, Kojong of Korea had arrived on these shores because he was the son of a Sinanju master, a twin, who’d been trained by their blind father unknowingly and their can only be one Sinanju master.

He helped repel another tribe’s attack on his people, where the chief was killed, and had been made the leader where he began his own tradition of training a son, passing it down the line. Each chief took the Sunny Joe title. This current Sunny Joe is making his own changes. He’s adopted Stone and begun training him. Then Freya comes along and he adds a second pupil to the Sinanju training regimen. Worse, it’s a girl.

Though the pair are more dangerous than any other humans alive, with the exception of their father and the old Korean master, Chiun, they are still in the early stages of training in the Sinanju arts.

That’s what makes this series fun. They make their own mistakes, have their own enemies(in this case, a teenage girl, augmented with armor attached to bones, and her own training, known only as 14).

But is she really an enemy. Stone believes so, Freya doesn’t. There is a perverted power behind her, one who’s taken his organization away from it’s original goals, who may be the real problem.

Had quite a good time with this one.

Author Warren Murphy has been writing exceptional books for a good number of years with several other series as well as a few standalones. I’ve followed his work since the first Destroyer emerged. In addition to his co-author duties, Gerald Welch also did the striking cover art. His own series, THE LAST WITNESS, carries his artwork.

Copies of THE KILLING FIELDS and the first book in the series, FORGOTTEN SON, can be ordered at the links.